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Your Wedding Floral Consult: What to expect and how to prepare

Your Wedding Floral Consult: What to expect and how to prepare

Choosing your wedding flowers can be one of the most fun and exciting tasks of planning a wedding. But where to start? With a great florist of course! If you put a little work and research into choosing the right florist the rest of it will fall into place. Find someone you enjoy working with, someone who makes the planning process fun and effortless, someone who understands your vision and can help bring it to life. So how to narrow it down?

My first suggestion is to ask for referrals. Check with family, friends, and other professionals you have already booked(like your venue or photographer) to see if there is anyone they recommend. Check websites like Wedding Wire to see reviews from other brides. And of course use social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to get an idea of the overall style of a florist. Once you have found a couple florists whose work you love reach out and book an initial consultation.

Great florists book up quickly, especially if you are getting married in prime wedding season. In general you’ll be looking at starting the proces 6-12 months before your date. Once you have your venue, colour scheme and dresses(or at least an idea) you are good to go!

So how to prepare? To get the most out of your consult here’s a little checklist to get you ready…

  1. Know your colour scheme and bring swatches of fabric or ribbon to show your wedding florist exactly the shade you mean(one persons pink is another persons coral). As a general rule I suggest you avoid trying to get an exact match to your flowers. Mother Nature is finicky and not easily controlled…even if a certain variety matches your colour one day there is no guarantee that it will be the exact shade for your wedding.  If you choose a few shades of one colour, not only does it keep things looking more natural, but it increases your chances of one being a match. And don’t be afraid to go above and beyond your colour scheme with the flowers. Adding in other coordinating colours in your flowers is a great way to bring interest, up the pretty factor, and avoid looking too “matchy”.

  2. Create a list of the pieces you will need. Number of bouuqets, boutonnieres, ceremony pieces, aisle decor, table centres, signing table, etc…I suggest breaking it down into must haves and the wish list. This way, if budget doesn’t allow for your dream flowers, it will be easier to know what to leave out.

  3. Speaking of budget…..try to at least have a general idea of what you can spend on flowers. I know it’s tricky because this is probably your first large floral purchase, but having an idea of where you want to be can help your florist when suggesting ideas. Many factors are taken into consideration when pricing,  including the variety of flowers(carnations or orchids), the type of containers, and the size of the arrangement. If you are honest and upfront with your florist they will be able to make suggestions tailored to your budget.

  4. Bring inspiration pics…..but try not to get your heart set on anything overly specific until you have met with a florist. With sites like pinterest and instagram it’s never been easier to get ideas for your wedding.   Unfortunately, these pics don’t normally come with a price tag or a list of seasonal availability. Definitely peruse all these lovely pics, but try to keep an open mind. Think in terms of overall effect rather than an exact replica of a bouquet or arrangement. Use these pics as inspiration and work with your florist to bring a unique spin, bringing your vision to life.

I hope these ideas help you with your search to find the perfect wedding florist. I wish you all in the best with your planning and hope you are having so much fun with it!


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